The FAQS here at Medellin Scooter Rentals 

Question: Do you need a motorcycle License to ride a motorcycle in Colombia?

Answer: Yes you need a Motorcycle License 


Question: What are the requirements to rent a Motorcycle?

Answer: You need a Credit Card, Passport (Foreigner), and Drivers License. 


Question: Do you accept Dollars?

Answer: We do not accept dollars 

Question: Do you accept Credit Cards?

Answer: We do not accept rental payment in credit cards, only Colombia Pesos, but the deposit must be made with a credit card. 


Question: Do you do tours?

Answer: Yes we currently have one day tour available to Guatape. Check out the TOUR page on our website! 


Question: Does this rental fee include helmets or should we bring our own?

Answer: The rental comes with one helmet. If you would like another helmet its is a 30.000 COP charge. 


Question: Do you offer insurance (accident and/or theft) on these bikes? If so what is the cost?

Answer:  The big bikes do have a great insurance policy for robbery and accidents. The way it works here at Medellin Scooter Rentals, is that the client is required for 100% of the damages of the bike. If the bike is stolen or deemed totaled, at that point the insurance kicks in and then it is 70% client responisble and Medellin Scooter Rentals pays 30% of the deductible. We do offer a personal insurance, that cost 5.000 COP for 12 hours. If you get in an accident you will be covered up to 50.000.000 COP.


Question: What happens if the bike(s) break down on the road?

Answer: If the bike breaks down on the road, you need to call us and we will handle it accordingly and the quickest way possible to get you back on the road as soon as possible. These bikes are in great conditon but they are motorcylces and sometimes things happen that are out of everyones control. But we do our best to handle the issue as fast as we can. 


Question: Do the bikes need to be dropped off at the same pickup location or could we return them in another city? (ie, Bogota, Cartagena, etc..)

Answer: The bikes must be dropped off at the same location. 


Question: My understanding is in Colombia there is a mandatory insurance called SOAT and I’m curious if the fee for this coverage is included in the rental fee. Will we have paperwork to this effect we can carry with us and show to police in the event we’re pulled over/stopped for any reason.
Answer: All the bikes have Soat, it is a mandatory insurance here in Colombia. I do not have a fee for this coverage becuase it is mandatory for me to have them on all my motos. All the documentation needed in the case you get pulled over by the police or accident are on the motos at all times. 


Question: What if I make a reservation and show up a day late to pick up the bike?

Answer: We hold the bike for you the entire time of your reservation, but we do not give refunds on the rental fee for late shows, no shows, weather or because you have a change in your travel plans. 


Question: Do you have milage limits for all the bikes?

Answer: Medellin Scooter Rentals does not have milage limits. You are allowed to take the bike anywhere within Colombia. 


Question: Can you take the Motos Off-road?

Answer: The bikes must stay on paved roads. We have motocross rentals if you would like to do some off-roading. 


Question: How long do you hold the deposit?

Answer: We hold the deposit for 5 business days after the moto is brought back. We do this due the speeding cameras around Colombia. We receive the fine 2-3 days after if you were to receive a speeding violation.


Question: If the bike gets damaged, what is the process?

Answer: The estimates for the damages are done in house at Medellin Scooter Rentals. You will have the estimate of damages and will be required to pay damage fees the day you return the moto or scooter.