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Medellin Scooter Rentals is a company dedicated to providing the best means of transportation to the guests of Medellin at very competitive pricing. With many years of experience and an intimate knowledge and understanding of what the city has to offer, Medellin Scooter Rentals is sure to help you maximize your experience while in Colombia.


Our flexible rental times allow rentals by the hour, day, week, and even month! Additionally, we offer many accessories to provide a tailored rental experience like GPS’s with preprogrammed points of interest of the city and GO-Pro cameras so you can capture your adventures while keeping both hands on the handlebars!


The staff of Medellin Scooter Rentals are well-versed in Colombian culture and are able to provide unparalleled trip advice that goes above and beyond scooter and motorcycle rentals. Contact us today to have the time of your life!

Vestidos de Novia Medellin

Extra Options Available for Rent

*The price listed below is a one time price

  • GPS Unit (With Preprogrammed Destinations) 45.000 COP
  • GO-PRO (8gb Data Card included) 45.000 COP
  • Riding Gloves 30.000 COP
  • Emergency Cell Phone 30.000 COP
  • Bike Alarm 15.000 COP
  • Storage Case that fits on back of Scooter 15.000 COP
  • Cargo Net 15.000 COP
  • Rain Poncho 15.000 COP
  • Sport Back Pack 15.000 COP
  • Sunscreen 30.000 COP
  • Sunglasses 30.000 COP



Accepted Forms of Payments

√Deposit Must be made with Credit Card

√Debit Card


*Taxes are not included 

Agility Fly 125 & SYM 125
Starting at $30.000 COP/Hour
$30.000 COP/1 Hora
$75.000 COP/4 Horas
$105.000 COP/8 Horas
$135.000 COP/ Dia 24hrs
$750.000 COP/Semana
$2.250.000 COP/Mes
$200.00 US /Deposit
KTM Duke 200 & 390
Starting at $45.000 COP/Hour
$45.000 COP/1 Hora
$120.000 COP/4 Horas
$150.000 COP/8 Horas
$180.000 COP/Dia 24hrs
$1.170.000 COP/Semana
$3.510.000 COP/Mes
$200.00 US /Deposit
Pulsar 200 NS
Starting at $45.000 COP/Hour
$45.000 COP/1 Hora
$120.000 COP/4 Horas
$150.000 COP/8 Horas
$180.000 COP/Dia 24hrs
$1.170.000 COP/Semana
$3.510.000 COP/Mes
$200.00 US /Deposit
The Track is Calling You!
$600.000 COP/2 Hours
$500.00 US/Deposit
What's Included??
Helmet & Goggles
Chest Protector & Gloves
Some Cool Ass Photos!!

* Extra rental hour outside of set prices above is set at 15.000 COP

*Deposits are non refundable within 72 hours of Selected rental date

Contact Us!

Call us for more information or to make a reservation:

English & Español: +57 (322) 693-8581

Or click the button below to send us message:


A valid passport & drivers license is required to rent a scooter!

We require a security deposit that is 100% refundable upon returning the motorcycle without any damage or speeding tickets


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