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The owner Santiago was born and raised in New Orleans always having passion for the outdoor and motorcycle lifestyle. Was visiting friends and family in Medellin when he wanted to rent a motorcycle to head out to check out the country side of Colombia. There wasn’t any place known to the locals that rented motos. The next week, Santiago decided to make Medellin a home, falling in love with the city and the culture. Within two weeks Santiago had what we call the best and most reliable rental company in Medellin, ” Medellin Scooter Rentals”. 

Medellin Scooter Rentals has seen the very big change in the city and the amount of tourism that is arriving yearly, and now not only does Medellin Scooter Rentals have Scooters, They have BMW’s, KTM’s, and vehicles. Soon they will starting the ATV adventure tours! Stay tuned and Keep up with us on our social media! 

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Medellin Scooter Rentals is an American/Colombian  run company dedicated to providing the best means of  Navigating Medellin and the Surrounding areas to travelers and explorers of the world! We have been in Business nearly 5 years and continue to provide a first class service to our clients! 


Mon – Sun: 9am – 6pm

+57 (322) 693-8581

Cra. 37 #10-19, El Poblado


RNT: 68207